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General Questions

What is ClubVegas999? | Clubvegas999

ClubVegas999 is a gaming site that combines four online gaming casinos into one site. It provides customers a unique gaming experience. We offer various casinos with their own distinct style and appeal, depending on the choice of the player. The best feature of ClubVegas999 is that all casinos can be accessed by one registration account and all transactions are processed in one cashier system!

Are you licensed? How do I know I can trust you?

We are registered, licensed, and regulated by the Government of Kindom of Cambodia, to ensure compliance of quality, security and fairness. We have been issued with a SSL security certificate COMODO.

Who can play at ClubVegas999?

To play at ClubVegas999 you must be at least 18 years old.

Is it free to become a club member?

Yes. It is free to create an account with ClubVegas999. Once you become a member you can play for fun, or deposit money and play for real.

Is it legal to gamble with ClubVegas999?

This depends entirely on where you are living. Please make sure that you reside within a country jurisdiction that allows online gambling. It is the responsibility of each customer to abide by the rules and regulations set by the country in which they reside. Please refer to our Rules.

Do you protect my privacy?

Yes. We keep your information private and confidential. We do not sell your information and will only contact you according to your preference.

How secure is ClubVegas999?

ClubVegas999 prides itself on having the latest and best security available. We use 256bit SSL encryption in order to protect all online data. You can rest assured that your money and personal details will be safe when you play at our online casino.

Can I have more than one account?

No, each player is allowed to have only ONE account registered at ClubVegas999. Multiple account creation is considered as a breach of our Rules, and as such this may lead to account closure. It is enough to have one account to be eligible to use other gaming modules offered at ClubVegas999.

I want to play casino in your club. I already have an account but I have forgotten my login. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your login, please write an email to the support team at or reach us via Live Chat.

Please specify the name, surname, address and phone number that you provided during registration. This information is needed to prove that it is your login. It is quite possible that the support team will need to request more information about your account.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

You can restore your password through our website by yourself. In order to do that, click “Forgot password?” on the Login page. After you provide answers to all questions that are needed to identify you, a new password will be emailed to you. If you cannot answer a question (for example, if you have forgotten your 4 Digit Security Number), write to the support team in the same way you would do to restore your login.

Can I change my login and password?

You cannot change your login because it is unique for your account. If you would like to change your password, login and go to “Lobby”. Then select “Profile” in the menu and select “Change Password” in the message window that appears. Enter your old password in the upper field and a new password into the field below. Press the “Confirm” password button.

I have a new email address (address, phone number). What should I do?

If you have a new email address, please write an email to the support team at or reach us via Live Chat.

How do I start playing?

To begin, log in to your ClubVegas999 account. From the member home page, please choose the gaming table you wish to join. Click on Enter and follow the on screen instructions.

What type of bonus offers do you provide?

Please check our Daily Promotions page for current bonuses and prizes.

Can my wife and I use the same deposit/sign up bonus?

No. A deposit/sign up bonus can only be used once per household.

I have a complaint!

It is our aim to answer any questions you have, and to resolve any problems you may encounter on our site. We want you to enjoy your time with ClubVegas999. Please see the Contact US page for all of our contact details.

Game Questions

What games can I play?

Live Baccarat, Live Dragon and Tiger, Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Sports Betting and a large selection of virtual games.

What are the minimum and maximum stakes?

We offer a wide variety of minimum and maximum stakes in order to cater to our customer’s requirements. Table limits vary from minimum:

  • Baccarat table limits $1 - $40
  • Dragon and Tiger table limits $1 -$40
  • Roulette table limits $1- $10

Choose a limit that suits your pocket and experience. If you want to request a higher limit, write an email to the support team at or reach us via Live Chat.

How do I remove a bet if I change my mind?

For live Baccarat, Live Dragon Tiger and Live Roulette, once you clicked on the “BET” button and followed by a replied message of “BET SUCCEED”, all the bets will stand and no removal of bets. Any other additional bets thereafter will still be accepted but must bet within the betting time.

Where can I find instructions on the various games?

Our casino web site comes with a built-in Help section. Click on the help button in the casino lobby for a complete set of instructions on all of the games – you can even use the help feature while in the middle of a game! You can also access this information from our Games Rules page.

Technical Questions VN

What is the minimum system requirements needed to play?

ClubVegas999 is optimized to run on a broadband Internet connection. While it may be possible to run on slower connections, for the best user experience we do not recommend this. We also recommend the following setup for optimal performance:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP/Vista or 7. (Or the equivalent operating system level.)
  • SVGA Graphics card capable of 1024x900 screen resolution or higher
  • A recent version of these Internet browsers - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera.
  • Latest Adobe Flash Player Version, available from:
  • Hardware Minimum:

    - Pentium IV, AMD processors of speed 1 GHz higher MHz
    - 1GB Physical Memory
  • iPads and iPhones will be supported in the near future

What connection speed do I need?

We have designed our site to be as easy and responsive as possible. Therefore, your connection speed should not restrict your use of the site. We recommend that for good playing performance you should consider using a connection of 512Kbps or higher.

Is there a particular monitor setting?

The site is optimized a browser window size of 1024x768, if you have smaller then you will have scroll bars appear and so will not see content at the bottom of the screen.

Do I need to download anything to play?

You do not need to download any special software to play at ClubVegas999. All of our games can be accessed through your web browser at a click of a button. Your web browser will require the Adobe Flash Player so ensure it is installed and enabled.

What happens if a game is disrupted before it is finished, for example if my Internet connection is broken?

Try refreshing your browser window first by pressing F5 of your keyboard. Normally, if this refresh can’t solve the issue you have to close your browser and login again and go back to your previous game.

If the game was finished, but you never saw the result, you can check the result in “History” or “My Account”.

What if I am disconnected during a game?

Unfortunately we cannot prevent this, but we can assure you that any transactions made by you before you were disconnected, and registered on our systems, will be honored.

If you have placed a stake on a game but have not hit the “BET” button or the bet has not been confirmed “BET SUCCEED”, when you are disconnected, the game will never take place. Simply place your stake again on the next game. If you have placed a stake and have hit the “BET” button and is confirmed “BET SUCCEED” when you are disconnected, the game will still run and the bet will stand. You will be able to view the outcome of your game by reloading the game where the last result will be shown. You can also view the result in “History” or “My Account”.

When I go to a game page, the animation never stops and the game doesn´t appear?

The cause can be:

1) You have an unsupported web browser.

2) A Flash program error may have stopped the game while starting.

What is Flash?

Adobe Flash Player is a piece of software that should already be installed in your browser. It’s designed to deliver low-bandwidth animations and presentations through your Internet browser. Adobe Flash Player displays Web content of high-impact, interactive online advertising, and animation. For more information, please see the Macromedia web site (

Why do I need Flash?

We understand the need to make your online gaming experience as quick and hassle-free as possible. All the games you see on our site use Adobe Flash technology. The main benefit to you is the avoidance of having to download any gaming software which is usually large files and with long download times.

I don't have Flash. How do I get it?

If you don't have Flash installed in your browser, download and install the Flash player from Macromedia. (

I am having trouble installing Flash - what should I do?

Flash errors are rare and of many types, so we advise you to visit Adobe Flash and search for the most relevant answer to your problem. (

The game "freezes" or displays an error message. The casino looks strange or I get an error while navigating through the casino. What to do?

There could be a number of reasons for this. For example:

  • Your Internet connection was disrupted: Try to go to the casino lobby, and then back to the game again.
  • You have outdated or bad files in your browser cache: Press F5.
  • You were timed out from the casino: Login again.

If you have the problem still please contact us at and provide as much information about the problem you are experiencing:

  • When did the problem occur (Date and Time)?
  • Details of the Error Message and any error code.
  • What steps did you take when experiencing the error?
  • Is the error still occurring or was it a one off?

Account Questions VN

How do I make a deposit or withdrawal?

For the deposit and withdrawal, please go to the Cashier Page.

How long does it take to process a deposit?

This will depend on the deposit method that has been selected. Please visit the following link in order to view the various deposit processing times.

How long does it take to process a withdrawal?

We aim to process withdrawal requests as quickly as possible. However withdrawals can take:

  • Skrill (Moneybookers) - the withdrawal is made within 48 hours or sooner.
  • Neteller – the withdrawal is made within 48 hours or sooner.
  • Bank transfer - the withdrawal takes from 3 to 14 days, depending on your bank.
  • Western Union – within 2-3 working days

Is there a withdrawal limit?

The withdrawal limit is set at a maximum of $10,000 per week with a total maximum of $20,000 per month.

Can I play in different casinos the same time?

We only do Auto balance transfer of all amount from the main wallet into a particular casino that the player wants to play. You can play only 1 casino at the time among the 4 available casinos.

How are my funds transferred back to my account?

As soon as you close the game you are playing, any remaining funds will be automatically transferred back to your ClubVegas999 account.

My funds are missing after playing a game.

If you have closed the game window or it has been closed your funds will have been returned to your account balance.

If you believe that funds have not been returned to your ClubVegas999, please Contact US at

I have a question that is not answered by the FAQ. How do I find the answer?

Please log in to your ClubVegas999 account and click on the Live Support button. You will be able to ask the question to one of our customer support representatives, who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.